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Error 36 or Error 37 at Ninebot Elite

Posted by Alexey Khripunov on
We had several reports from the people that have purchased Ninebot Elite with the old battery (450w) over the Internet and encountered error 36 mistake during the assembly.
Error 36 or error 37 indicates that the battery is totally empty. There is a way to “re-boot” the battery by removing it from the unit, then re-connecting and charging for 20-30min. You may try to do it several times. Sometimes it works but not always.    
If you encountered these errors and you have purchased the unit from a legitimate seller within the 6 months period the battery is covered by the warranty and you should receive a replacement battery.
To minimize these type of problems, please check with the Seller when the product was received from the manufacturer and if the battery has been properly maintained. 
Please note: These types of errors were reported only with Ninebot Elite not with Ninebot PRT Elite Plus and so far only for the units that were imported into the United States in July 2015.  Good tip. To maximize the life performance of a battery it is important to charge it at least once every 90 days.

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