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More4Mini Handlebar Kit for Ninebot by Segway MiniPro US Edition

$180.00 $130.00


Designed in Germany by KSR Group this Handlebar for MiniPro is sturdy and reliable.  It was designed and manufactured with famous German precision specifically to fit Segway MiniPRO.   This handlebar kit is very easy to install and uses original Quick Release lock that comes with the knee controlled bar for a secure tight connection.  

It is recommended to purchase additional quick-release lock for the fastest switch between knee-controlled bar and the handlebar.

This MiniPro handlebar kit is available in two colors (white and black). 

Content of the Package

  • Handle Bar
  • Necessary tools
  • Installation instructions

Installation and Recalibration

You can download installation instructions here.  Download PDF file pdf

After the installation you may need to recalibrate your MiniPro.  Recalibration instructions in pdf are here. 


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