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More4Mini Height Adjustable Handlebar Kit for Ninebot by Segway miniPRO

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Engineered by More4MinI, this height-adjustable handlebar for the Segway miniPRO is available on-line at and from More4Mini authorized dealers.  It’s the perfect addition to the Segway miniPRO for those who like stability, flexibility, and unmatched control. 

Based on extensive testing, we’ve engineered this model to be virtually unbreakable.

The More4Mini height-adjustable handlebar comes with a quick release lock pre-installed, making it effortless to switch between handlebar and knee control bar.   No need to purchase an additional quick-release lock!  You have to make sure two screws that keep quick-release locked are tide and provide secure connection to the steering shaft.  It is a good idea to check the connection periodically.

No need to worry about your cell phone either.  A high quality mobile holder is also included with the More4Mini height-adjustable handlebar.

Height: from 35" (collapsed) to max 46" (fully extended). 

Please note, handlebar may come fully assembled and the size of the box is 30" x 10" x 5" therefore the shipping is calculated as dimensional weight of 12lb.

Installation instructions if needed.

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A More4Mini Customer

Makes the Mini fun and ridable again!

This M4M handlebar is a must for anyone who actually wants to enjoy riding the Mini and not waste all your time worrying about being bumped off! It's not for holding on tightly for your dear life because you will inevitably accidentally steer or move the Mini, but it IS for giving you that much needed 3rd stabilizing point (2 feet and 2 hands, so maybe third and fourth stabilizing points?), not "if" but "when" you hit a rock or other bumpy substance on the road! Just don't leave the handlebar and Mini powered on and unattended, it will runaway from it's own forward weight. I know there is a kickstand and I have that too but not using it because it's just another thing you have to worry about kick standing it! On a side note, the phone holder that came with the handlebar was a good gesture but it broke on the first use. M4M was nice enough to replace it, but I ended up using a spare phone holder I got laying around, the M4M phone holder just seems like it would break easily again.

Tim B.
United States

Great Product

This is a great product that really enhances the mini-pro. Our family has three of them and we bought three adjustable handlebars. They make the mini-pro very enjoyable to ride for long periods of time and distance. The construction and materials used are solid. I would highly recommend any mini-pro and mini-lite owner to get one

Tim B. verified customer review of More4Mini Height Adjustable Handlebar Kit for Ninebot by Segway miniPRO
Joshua H.
United States

Great product

I used the minipro in a professional atmosphere to expedite travel around properties. The handle looks much more professional than the kneebar. The build quality is excellent and sturdy. Installation is as simple as removing the kneebar and installing the handlebars. I do recommend lubricant since the fit is very precise. The handlebar makes it very easy to max out the minipro and makes control more precise especially over uneven ground. When you do hit the speed limit it is easier to control then the knee bars. The problem I had with the knee bars was they went behind the knees when you hit the limit. The handlebar allows more precise control to stay under the limit and a better indicator when you hit the limit.

United States

Its the only handle you should buy!

Love my handle, the one feature this handle has that none of the others do is the same quick connect that the knee bar uses so you can go back and forth without reassembling the unit. (With other handlebars you have to remove 2 allen bolts.) Yes it costs more, but every time you put in your car your going to unbolt the handle? Nonsense.

Anonymous verified customer review of More4Mini Height Adjustable Handlebar Kit for Ninebot by Segway miniPRO
United States

Did it Myself

I bought this handlebar along with hybrid tires and new fenders to create my own hybrid MiniPro. It worked out well. I never tried using the MiniPro with the knee bar, but the handle makes it seem just like a big Segway. The phone holder is a nice touch since the speed display is through the smart phone ap.