Replacement Fender for Segway miniPRO

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Original replacement fender for Segway miniPRO and Ninebot miniPRO.  Easy installations. Left and right sides are identical. 


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Replacement of Fenders on Segway miniPRO.

Step 1. Power Off Segway miniPRO

Step 2. Remove the Knee controlled bar or Handlebar

Step 3. Remove the Battery

Step 4. Remove the Axle Clamp that hold the Wheel (you can keep the wheel connected but be careful not to damage the wires

Step 5. Remove the four fasteners that hold Fender.

To install a new Fender (both regular or Off Road) please follow Steps 5-1 in the reverse order.

Download Instructions


Aile pour Segway miniPRO

Aile de remplacement d'origine pour Segway miniPRO. Facilité d'installation. Les côtés gauche et droit sont identiques.


Guardabarros de reemplazo para Segway miniPRO

Guardabarros de reemplazo original para Segway miniPRO. Facilidad de instalación. Los lados izquierdo y derecho son idénticos.

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