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Power Charger Kit for Segway miniPRO

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Replacement power charger kit for Segway miniPRO.  Works only with original Ninebot MiniPro and Segway miniPRO models.  Please check the power connection port, it should have four "male-female" connections.  Ideal product to have if you travel with MiniPro and would like to have option to re-charge it.

Power charger comes with either US power cord or EU power cord.

INPUT: 100V-240VAC (50-60Hz) 2.5A Max.

OUTPUT: 63V - 2A


Live in Europe? Order this item on and save big on shipping from More4Mini's warehouse in Europe.

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United States

Extra Distance and a Reasonable Charge Rate

This charger works well. Specs: Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Output: 63.0V, 2.0A, 126W I didn’t time the charge compared to a 1.1A 63V charger, so I’m taking their word for the charge rate right now. Tested on the Segway MiniPro with 300Wh battery this charger charges to the full 5700mAh capacity of the battery, unlike the original charger which only charges to 4800mAh. You might get more recharge cycles by only charging to 4800mAh, but for many uses that is not enough capacity, people rarely discharge all the way to zero anyway as who wants to be stranded, and when the battery level drops segway limits the top speed so it’s annoying one your battery get too low. I would only say that if your battery is going to sit all winter, maybe don’t charge it up completely because leaving the battery at full charge for extended periods of time is a bit stressful on it. Expensive given the price of the Segway unit, but Segway USA is to blame as they shipped a charger that implemented their policy instead of letting the customer decide, as they did in Europe. To me the extra capacity means a lot. For my usage they need to actually double the battery capacity, but this little bit helps a lot in many cases. The price is actually cheaper than many eBay sellers, but yes markup on these things is crazy in the US. The charger plug is a nice solid plug but it is plastic with no metal locking fastener to match the one on the battery. Some with a handy cable tie for output the cord, but not the power cord. It uses a standard PC/equipment style power-cord which is nice.

Anonymous verified customer review of Power Charger Kit for Segway MiniPro
Dan H.
United States

Charger Definitely charges more

Been using this charger on my 2 segway mini pros and i have noticed i get about 3-5 more miles out of my segway. its works pretty good.

Chad R.
United States

Great product

I love getting the extra mileage. Now I don't have to charge it as much.

David P.
United States

Love this charger!

This charger is a must have for your segway. The original charger only charges your segways 5700mah battery ro 4800mah. With this charger it charges your battery to the full 5700mah giving you an extra 4 to 5 miles per charge.

Thomas B.
United States

Nice extra boost in charge capacity

Exactly as advertised. It'll fully charge your miniPRO battery to its full rated capacity giving an extra boost in range. Tried it on 2 different miniPROs. I initially got this to see if it could 'fix' an issue I have with a battery that wouldn't charge any further than 49%. This charger did take it to +100% but there appears to be an issue with the battery pack itself as it quickly discharged in 3 miles. However, while it showed 1.3 miles left in range, it went an additional 8 miles, so I'm wondering if it's the battery or control board?